Spirituality, and Faith.

So I recently decided that I am ready to find a true faith. I’m pretty spiritual, I feel Christianity is what I fit best with, and now I’m exploring different denominations of it.

It’s quite exciting. I’m christened into the Anglican church, but I don’t know if it’s really right for me. I’m currently looking into The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (aka Mormonism!) and I’m very intrigued by what I’m finding. I’ve been talking with two ladies, Trina and Tiffany on Mormon.org and I know they are just trying to do their jobs as missionaries, but they are really selling the religion to me.

They seem to focus very much on love and togetherness (as do most faiths) and when I mentioned to the missionaries that I felt lonely, despite having a very loving family, and that something was missing, they suggested I read The Book of Mormon, and attend a service, both of which I am waiting to do as my lovely friend Lucy is going to help me out.

I’ve also looked into Catholicism. Whilst the church has suffered much criticism for their cover ups of sex abuse, and their fundamentalist views on gay marriage and abortion, divorce and birth control, and I feel it couldn’t hurt them to modernise a little more, I liked the personal aspect associated with repentance. The confessional booths seemed very appealing, so intimate and confidential. To me that is the intimacy and closeness you have with ‘God’, with another human being. But then there is the conflicting matter of confessing your sins to someone who is not ‘God’, which, forgive me if I’m wrong, but is unbiblical? I also quite love (and have several) rosary beads, but again, there is conflict between denominations over the significance of these beads, and whether they’ve become idolic. So there are a few issues I have with Catholicism, thanks to my A Level in Theology and Philosophy at a Catholic college.

I’m on something of a journey, I’d like to think. It’s not easy, but I have faith I will find ‘God’ (I type ‘God’ like that because I don’t know what I’ll end up calling Him. Guess it depends on where I end up.) eventually. I’d love to know what you all think on the subject, although I will ask that if you are an atheist, that you are polite. I wouldn’t dream of being rude to someone who held different beliefs to my own, and this piece is simply what was on my mind, I am not trying to force my views on to anybody (it would be quite difficult to do that, given I currently don’t KNOW what my beliefs are.), I am simply talking about my journey into Christianity.