Hello Internet!

Please, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Hattie J. Baker, and I’m a native of the North West of England. My long and tiresome seventeen years on this beautiful rock have lead to me to one of many conclusions, being that I adore writing!

But what drivel is she going to bombard us with?” I hear you ask. Fear not! I aim to write once a week. And I hope that you can expect something different every week. We are talking full spectrum here, so hang on to your seats. Articles, reviews, short stories, perhaps even longer stories, tutorials, advice segments, and everything in between.

See, I am no good at sticking to any one theme, blame lies with Tumblr so I hope to bring something new and fresh with each update.

I do hope you enjoy, even if I just complain about my life poetically. Now go do something useful! Read a book, hug a tree, let the world hear your voice! March with feminists, hand in the wallet you found to the police. Take your damn dog for a walk. Vamoose! I am trying to write!